Bill pay service for online bankers

For online bankers using their bank's bill pay service, you are able to send your church offering directly to ELC. Simply set up Cokato Evangelical Lutheran as one of your payees (Cokato Evangelical, P O Box 448, Cokato MN 55321). When setting this up make sure to enter your name in the account number/memo area so it prints on the check. Then, just as you would pay any of your monthly bills, simply enter the amount and date and your bank mails the check to church. Very simple to set up and a great way to make remembering your church offering easy!


View the Ev. Luth. web page on your mobile device

You can view the Evangelical Lutheran Church web page on your mobile device. At the Google Play Store click on "Apps" and then type Radiant Web Tools into the search box. Click "Install". Visit the site often. Keep up to date on events, closings, and your "Read through the Bible" readings. Under the "Forms" tab you can submit your address changes, newsletter copy, and fill out various forms.